Matzo Ball Soup

I walked around on cloud nine for about two days after making this soup. I never -in a million years- could have imagined the satisfaction and confidence that homemade chicken broth serves up. You see, I grew up on ramen noodle soup. I probably ate it every single night for a solid few years. I … Continue reading

Sweet Potato-Spelt Brownies (fudgey, cakey brownies)

Yesterday I was having an intense craving for fudgey, cakey brownies. I wanted nothing. other. than brownies. But I was having an equally intense desire to avoid leaving my house. And I didn’t have any milk, or eggs, or flour. And I was in my pajamas. Still, I was not deterred. And for someone who … Continue reading

Happy Passover & the Most Addicting Hazelnut Cookies

I spent last weekend with my sister, baking and cooking and washing dishes until I was blue in the face. It was so much fun, and the most relaxing vacation I have had in a very long time. Very fortunately for me, I have a pretty darn good sister. She knows all of the most … Continue reading

Mason Jar Cheesecakes

I admittedly got very carried away. It happens a lot, especially in the kitchen.  All I wanted to do was deliver a passover cheesecake. Something that I could bake, freeze, and drop off. Dorie Greenspan posted a delightful cheesecake recipe on Serious Eats that I spotted a few weeks ago, which allowed my mind to rest … Continue reading

AB’s chocolate chip cookies (gluten-free-goodness)

Can’t form full sentences. Alton Brown. All hail. Best gluten free chocolate chip cookie. No. Best chocolate chip cookie. In a really long time. Can I write whole post like this? Excuse my lack of language, but these cookies certainly took my breath away. You see, there is someone very important in my life. She … Continue reading

Zucchini Cobbler, Savory

When I’m stressed, I bake a lot. Measure, mix, make. The rhythm is soothing. Unfortunately, when the oven opens and the warm smell of comfort finally permeates my apartment, I find myself standing over trays of brownies and breads, eating numerous “last bites”. So not good for me. What am I stressed about? Graduating college … Continue reading

Kiwi-coconut muffins

Sometimes I feel like a vacation without a kitchen is not complete. I mean, my idea of a vacation is a kitchen, along with some fresh food, free time, friends and family. As much fun as I had traipsing around Orlando this weekend, hanging at Magic Kingdom, and being wined and dined, I am very … Continue reading

The pitfalls of potatoes: Gnocci endeavors

Food is pretty much my first line of communication. If I am sorry, excited, grateful, expect some really fancy brownies. If I want to make a good impression, maybe some vanilla bean sables or my favorite dark chocolate korova cookies form Dorie Greenspan. And if I love you, you can expect me to spend hours … Continue reading

Strawberry-coconut creamy dreamy biscuits

So, within the last few months I have become utterly…well, obsessed with the delicious recipes over at the smitten kitchen. From this chocolate babka my mom begged me to replicate, to these insanely rich spicy brownies, the awesome creations from smitten kitchen have served as a real inspiration.  These biscuits are so simple and scrumptious, underscoring … Continue reading

How I feel about my first & a delicious dark chocolate mousse

Disclaimer: I guess everybody has to have at least one of one of these “beginning posts”, if not an accumulation of several years worth, you know? ;/ I’m not big on beginnings, I much prefer middles and ends where things are more established. I so wish I could come to you with years of arduous … Continue reading