Biscuit Muffins

The other day I found this recipe for Biscuit Muffins and knew I was in trouble. I mean, I obviously love biscuits. And I obviously love muffins. Biscuit muffins just seemed like the next logical step. The right thing to do. I made these on a Saturday night, swearing up and down that I was … Continue reading

Dark Chocolate Chunk Apricot Oat Bars

When I was growing up, I always used my “eagle eyes” to find the best parking spot in the lot. Despite the fact that as an adult I am practically blind, back then I was an expert at spotting the perfect, well, spot. This talent has, for better or worse, never disappeared. Nowadays, I don’t … Continue reading

Matzo Ball Soup

I walked around on cloud nine for about two days after making this soup. I never -in a million years- could have imagined the satisfaction and confidence that homemade chicken broth serves up. You see, I grew up on ramen noodle soup. I probably ate it every single night for a solid few years. I … Continue reading

Sweet Potato-Spelt Brownies (fudgey, cakey brownies)

Yesterday I was having an intense craving for fudgey, cakey brownies. I wanted nothing. other. than brownies. But I was having an equally intense desire to avoid leaving my house. And I didn’t have any milk, or eggs, or flour. And I was in my pajamas. Still, I was not deterred. And for someone who … Continue reading

Zucchini Cobbler, Savory

When I’m stressed, I bake a lot. Measure, mix, make. The rhythm is soothing. Unfortunately, when the oven opens and the warm smell of comfort finally permeates my apartment, I find myself standing over trays of brownies and breads, eating numerous “last bites”. So not good for me. What am I stressed about? Graduating college … Continue reading

The pitfalls of potatoes: Gnocci endeavors

Food is pretty much my first line of communication. If I am sorry, excited, grateful, expect some really fancy brownies. If I want to make a good impression, maybe some vanilla bean sables or my favorite dark chocolate korova cookies form Dorie Greenspan. And if I love you, you can expect me to spend hours … Continue reading