The pitfalls of potatoes: Gnocci endeavors

Food is pretty much my first line of communication. If I am sorry, excited, grateful, expect some really fancy brownies. If I want to make a good impression, maybe some vanilla bean sables or my favorite dark chocolate korova cookies form Dorie Greenspan. And if I love you, you can expect me to spend hours … Continue reading

Strawberry-coconut creamy dreamy biscuits

So, within the last few months I have become utterly…well, obsessed with the delicious recipes over at the smitten kitchen. From this chocolate babka my mom begged me to replicate, to these¬†insanely rich spicy brownies, the awesome creations from smitten kitchen have served as a real inspiration.¬† These biscuits are so simple and scrumptious, underscoring … Continue reading

How I feel about my first & a delicious dark chocolate mousse

Disclaimer: I guess everybody has to have at least one of one of these “beginning posts”, if not an accumulation of several years worth, you know? ;/ I’m not big on beginnings, I much prefer middles and ends where things are more established. I so wish I could come to you with years of arduous … Continue reading